Our Products

  • Yamaha Mio i125

    Our premium 125cc automatic bike available from Lola's Rentals.

  • Honda Beat

    Our premium 110cc automatic bike available from Lola's Rentals.

  • TVS Tuk Tuk

    Our premium tricycle available from Lola's Rentals.

All orders are subject to a ₱1000 cash deposit.

Scooter Prices

₱ 575
Per Day
1-2 days
₱ 495
Per Day
3-6 days
₱ 445
Per Day
+7 days

TukTuk Prices

₱ 1795
Per Day
1-2 days
₱ 1695
Per Day
3-6 days
₱ 1595
Per Day
+7 days

Tri Island Experience

  • Visit the beautful beaches of Naked, Daku, and Guyam Island!

  • Enjoy a traditional Boodle Fight Lunch!

  • All entrance fees with pick up and drop off service included!

₱ 1500
Per Person

Why Choose Us?

We pledge to enable Be Pawsitive, a local NGO, to buy enough medication to vaccinate 10,000 dogs / cats and to support them with their spay, neuter and vaccination mission.

Lola’s Scooter Inclusions



Exclusive Discounts

First Aid Kit

Puncture Repair Kit

Full Tank

Phone Mount

5L Dry Bag

Seat Cloth

Surf Rack

Free Lesson

Damage Protection

We will always be happy to go the extra mile and plan your day for you to make sure you optimise your time on the bike. All our bikes are thoroughly checked and documented before hire and come with ICC certified helmets.

Your Donations!

Updated: March 2024
With your help, we have been able to donate ₱95,800 to Be Pawsitive since October 2022! It costs ₱800 to spay/neuter a stray animal and ₱1500 to feed 3 animals for approximately 2 months! Thank you for your support!

Lola’s Rentals Run for Kapon!

We are very fortunate to have worked with Be Pawsitive to organise a 5km and 10km fun run through the town of General Luna on June 4th 2023!

All donations went towards hosting spay and neuter events in the North of the island!

Without our pawsome customers we would be unable to support this fantastic cause so a big thank you to everyone who has supported us since opening in October! This event raised a MASSIVE 225k!

Our Core Values​


It costs nothing to be kind.

We're kind to our customers, staff and of course the animals who need our help! A little bit of kindness can go a very long way, so let's treat everyone how you'd like to be treated!


Honesty is the best policy.

With any service, you want to deal with honest and fair people to mitigate the fear of being scammed or taken advantage of. Our team are honest, respectable, individuals who only ever wish to help!


Let's make things clear.

We strive to make all processes and procedures as clear as possible so you know exactly what you are agreeing to. There's nothing worse than getting a nasty surprise.

Meet The Team!


Former Cute Experience Intern R.I.P.


Chief Executive Dog


Assistant to the Chief Executive Dog


Pit Crew


Corporate Secretary


Senior Sales Assistant


A 1000php cash or card payment deposit is required to rent with us and this will be refunded in full upon return should there be no additonal charges.
If your plans change and you want to return early, we have a no refund policy, regardless of how much notice you have given.

The only instances where a refund applies would be due to a medical emergency (proof required) or a unforeseen flight change out of your control (proof from airline required).

In the event of a flight change 24hrs notice from your new return time is required for the refund to qualify.

If you qualify for a refund and fall into a different payment bracket as a result of returning sooner, you will be charged in line with the correct pricing structure.

A 500php cash deposit is required to rent with us and this will be refunded in full upon return should there be no additonal charges.

To be fair and transparent, we always follow our pricing structure. You can rest assured you are already getting a great deal with all of our additional add ones, exclusive discounts and excellent customer service. Did you know our discount card is worth over 3000php per person in promos and discounts?! 

We offer surf racks on all our bike models. Please note this is an additional cost of 250php. This is a one time fee, not a daily rate increase meaning the longer you rent, the cheaper the rack! We have registered our surf racks with the Land Transport Office so that you will not be fined for carrying a rack.
All of our bikes are automatic, making for an easier drive for our customers. But should you want a semi automatic or manual let us know and we’ll do our best to redirect you.
Our bikes range from 110cc to 125cc engine. We recommend the Honda Beat for new drivers as the engine has less of a bite and is easier to handle!

To keep things simple, we like to stick with one rule for everyone, and that is the payment must be made in full before driving away. 

Don’t worry, you only have to meet Peggy’s and Spot’s Mum to know that accidents can happen while having fun! One of our core values is transparency, therefore to avoid any surprises we have included a full list of our repair costs within the parts and repairs section of our website. In some instances when time allows, we will retrieve an invoice from a local garage so you can be confident you have not been over charged.
Of course, we will always welcome walk in bookings. Please note though that typically we are unable to fulfil walk in orders due to demand so be sure to reserve in advance if you want to secure a bike with us!

We are typically fully booked 1-3 days in advance so we recommend placing a booking online a few days before.

What Our Customers Say?

I came here to rent a scooter because of all the great reviews. I was immediately impressed! Jack is super helpful and he is the definition of amazing customer service😍 I would highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to rent a scooter that is fresh, semi new, and well taken care of (e.g. tires have right air pressure). The scooter rental costs 385 Pesos per day. I ended up going with another store Jack recommended as: 1) Lola’s Rentals had no scooters available for immediate hire (waiting time usually 3-4 days here) 2) They didn’t offer any discount for a 3-month scooter rental, which is understandable as they have more than enough customers! The rent per month would have been 12,000 Pesos, while it’s ~7000 Pesos in other places (I only need the scooter 2x/week so wasn’t worth paying this time)
Rama Hilton
Rama Hilton
Easy. Came with rain poncho which was great
Marita Sladek
Marita Sladek
This was my first scooter rental ever and the short lesson really made a difference. I had a fantastic time exploring the island.
Rich Tuason
Rich Tuason
Smooth booking experience even with a couple of technical difficulties at the start. Jack dropped off Chicken and he was transparent about how a tire was changed, etc. After a quick refresher and some tips from Lola for Baloo, we were off! And it's been great! No problems at all with Chicken. It's also great that they put decals of the unit's name on the bike, which is especially handy when you can't find yours in the sea of parked motorcycles haha I feel very safe with their service. It's absolutely great how they include all the essentials like a first aid kit, rain poncho, helmet (though I use my own), etc., unlike with other rentals that only provide... headaches. Plus points that they have partner establishments for discounts and perks, which is a great way to support the local community. Major plus points that they are animal welfare advocates and support SPAR'S kapon (spaying/neutering owned, stray, community cats & dogs) efforts.
Zaid Abu Hamid
Zaid Abu Hamid
Brand new bikes in absolutly perfect conditions! Easy and clear communication and a loooot of benefits through corporation with many bars/clubs/restaurants im Siargao!
Erik Legaspi
Erik Legaspi
Lola’s Rentals are highly recommended for your scooter rental needs here in Siargao. They take care of their well maintained scooters and includes all the usual necessities (helmets, first aid, tire fix, raincoat, and wash cloth). Nitz and Charles took care of everything for us from day 1 until we returned the scooter. There might be cheaper options but i value safety so i picked them. Again, highly recommended!
Alex Gale
Alex Gale
Lola’s rentals is a great place to rent a bike from. First, the bikes are well maintained and come with quality helmets and raincoats. Second, the service is amazing. When we had a small issue with our bike (nothing that stopped it from working, just an electrical issue for the starter, still was able to use the kick starter), they immediately responded, and let us use a second bike while they fixed the problem in under an hour. They also helped us arrange an island tour. As a bonus, you get a bunch of deals with local restaurants and shops. Overall would highly recommend.