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Lola's Rentals Liability Waiver

Rental Agreement and Waiver

This Rental Agreement and Waiver ("Agreement") is a legally binding contract between the ("Buyer") and Lola's Rentals and Tours Inc. ("Seller"). By signing below or using our services, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees to all terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Bike Name(s) (if known)

Risk R.A 4136, Section 19

  • Duty to procure license, except as otherwise specifically provide in this Act, no person shall operate any motor vehicle without first procuring a license to drive a motor vehicle for the current year, nor while such license is delinquent, invalid, suspended or revoked. 
  • The license shall be carried by the driver at all times when operating a motor vehicle, and shall be shown and/or surrendered for cause and upon demand to any person with authority under this Act to confiscate the same.

Assumption of Risk

  • I understand and acknowledge that riding a motor vehicle involves certain inherent risks, including but not limited to the risk of injury or death. I voluntarily assume all risks associated with the rental and use of the vehicle.

Safety/Helmet Guidelines

  • I agree to abide by all safety guidelines provided by the company, including wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, and using the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Buyer confirms that they have been given ICC certified helmets for all passengers. 
  • Buyer has acknowledged Republic Act No. 10054 Section 7, An act mandating all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets while driving. Penalties from government official's range from 1,500php - 10,000php plus confiscation of the driver's license.
  • If the company is called out for safety/government violations, the deposit will be forfeited in full.
  • Helmets must be securely locked into the seat when the buyer is not with the bike. 

Early Return/Refund Policy:

  • If your plans change and you want to return early, we have a no refund policy, regardless of how much notice you have given. 
  • The only instances where a refund applies would be due to a personal medical emergency (doctors note required) or an unforeseen flight change out of your control (email evidence from airline required). 
  • In the event of a flight change 24hrs notice from your new return time is required for the refund to qualify.
  • If you qualify for a refund and fall into a different payment bracket as a result of returning sooner, you will be charged in line with the correct pricing structure. If you have paid by card, the 5% convenience fee is not refunded. 

Rental Extension and Reset:

  • The rental agreement resets to 0 days upon extension.
  • Payment will continue in accordance with the previously charged payment bracket unless the buyer has upgraded.

Product Exchange and Availability:

  • When extending, Buyer acknowledges that product availability is subject to stock.
  • Buyer may need to return and exchange the product based on stock availability.

Vehicle Swapping: 

  • You agree to swap your vehicle should the seller have unavailable stock.
  • The swap must be made at the stipulated time set by the seller. Failure to do so, the buyer will be charged in accordance to our pricing structure for the 2nd bike that is being held. 
  • All swaps must be made at our store location and the vehicle must follow our return guidelines.

Booking an Additional Bike for Another Driver:

  • If you have placed an order for multiple products, by signing this waiver you absorb all responsibility for all items ordered.
  • You confirm that the other driver(s) holds a valid driver's license.


  • If the company require to carry out essential maintenance such as tyre changes, oil changes etc, the buyer agrees to allowing for these improvements to be made during the rental period at a time agreed and approved by the buyer without refund or compensation.


  • Full payment by cash, card or GCash is required before the rental period starts or before using the rented product.
  • Payment by card is subject to a 5% convenience fee.

Buyer Responsibility:

  • The Buyer cannot transfer the booking into another person's name.

Return Guidelines:

  • The rental product must be returned within the Company's advertised operating hours unless the customer has paid for the out of hours return at 9pm. Collection/Delivery is not valid on out of hours returns and it must be returned to our store.
  • If the rental product is returned more than 10 minutes after the stipulated return time the customer will lose the deposit, in full. 
  • The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of red premium fuel, with all inclusions/key and in the same condition from the start of your rental period.
  • If the company does not receive the vehicle with the given inclusions and key on or before the stipulated return time the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Buyer must be the person to return the bike and physically present when the rental period ends. Failure to oblige and the deposit will be lost.

Product Inspection:

  • Buyer agrees to inspect the product before the rental period begins.
  • Buyer confirms they have/will check the tire pressure before driving away for the first time.
  • If the product is deemed unfit for purpose, the Seller will source a suitable replacement or address the issue to mutual satisfaction.

Tyre Check:

  • The buyer is responsible for frequently checking the tyre pressure and ensuring it is always firm to press. In the event of a cracked tyre due to low pressure the buyer will be charged 1500php for a replacement. 

Existing Damages:

  • Seller will provide information verbally about existing damages.
  • However, the Buyer must record and document damages for added security.

Damages, Repairs, and Theft:

  • Buyer is responsible for payment of damages, irrespective of fault.
  • Damages include, but are not limited to: repairs, punctures, dents, scratches, lost keys, damaged helmet.
  • Buyer agrees to pay for replacement parts and installation costs for any damage during rental, as per the parts and repairs price list at
  • The seller can go against the parts and repairs price list if they receive a different quote. An official receipt will be provided in this instance.
  • In the unlikely event of either theft or damage beyond repair, it is agreed the buyer will pay the value required to purchase a replacement product.


  • Product will be provided with a full tank of red premium fuel and must be returned likewise.
  • A fee of ₱100 will apply for each bar/line under full for Honda Beats & Yamaha Mios. 
  • A fee of ₱150 will apply for each bar/line under full for the TVS TukTuk

Travel Insurance:

  • Buyer confirms valid travel insurance covering motorcycle/scooter/bike/moped/vehicle use and any related activities.


  • A mandatory ₱1000 cash deposit is required. This will be refunded in full upon return providing no additional fees are required.
  • In the event of seen/reported damage during the rental period. The customer agrees to leave a valid passport until the repairs have been paid in full.

Usage Area:

  • Buyer acknowledges that the product cannot be used or taken outside of Siargao Island. Your deposit will be forfeited if it is found the vehicle has left the island.

GPS Tracking:

  • You agree to allow the company to track and collect data and reports on your rental vehicle.
  • You agree to NOT share our GPS tracking with others to prevent it becoming common knowledge to potential thefts.

Call Out Charge:

  • A call-out charge of ₱15 per KM applies when the Buyer is at fault, with a minimum charge of ₱200. Charge is waived if Lola's Rentals is at fault.


  • Subletting the product to others is prohibited.

Drink Driving:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Violation results in termination of the rental without refund. 

Land Transport Office (LTO):

  • Buyer acknowledges LTO fines for invalid licenses or missing helmets. Buyer is responsible for these fines. If penalties arise due to outdated paperwork or bike defects, Lola's Rentals will pay any fines.

Weight Restriction:

  • The weight limit is 160kg/375lbs. The Company reserves the right to decline the sale to any person/persons who might exceed this, whether before or during the rental period.

Phone Mount:

  • Buyer acknowledges the phone mount is used at their own risk, and the Seller waives all responsibility if the buyer's belongings get damaged or broken.

Surf Rack:

  • Buyer acknowledges the surf rack is a one-off payment. In the event of an extension, the surf rack will not be charged again.
  • The buyer is responsible for checking the bolt attachments to ensure they remain securely fastened to prevent injury/damages. The Seller waives responsibility of any injuries or repair costs in the event of a surf rack related incident. 

By signing below or using our services, the Buyer agrees to comply with and be bound by all terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes any prior agreements, whether written or oral. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.

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