Repairs and Damages Price List

  1. For any scratches/damages made to other areas of the bike/bodywork where the parts cannot be easily replaced you will be charged ₱1000.
  2. For any damages that are clearly more significant we reserve the right to charge a more appropriate quotation for repair.
  3. You will only be charged the full price of the crash guard should it have lost its functionality.
  4. Please note, we have a minimum call out charge of ₱200.

Terms and Conditions

By signing the waiver provided by Lola’s Rentals, you acknowledge and agree to paying the full price of the new part should you incur damage to it. Failure to do so and your passport will be held until the debt has been paid

Tips For Preventing Damage

Let’s get some steps in, park slightly further away to avoid the busy parking areas. More often than not damage occurs not by the rentee but a member of the public who has been careless and dishonest.

Careless accidents happen when you have sunk a few drinks, tricycles are very cheap, only ₱50-₱100 at night. So save yourself a large repair bill and stumble into a tricycle.

Item Price(₱) Cost To Install(₱)
Front Fender 690 150
Rear Fender 265 335
Handles 800 50
Break Handles 420 180
Rear Light Casing 1400 250
Front Light Casing 2800 250
Front Light Bulb 215 185
Seat 300 250
Ubox 890 350
Key 1250 350
Battery 775 350
Horn 550 250
Rail Grab 1300 200
Kickstart 610 290
Crashguard 1950 150
Rear Light Bulb 120 185
Mirrors 430 70
Front Wheel 1600 950
Rear Wheel 1950 950
Tyre Tube 200 200
Front Wheel Alloy 3400 1000
Rear Wheel Alloy 3350 1000
Centre Stand 735 265
Foot Stand 150 100
Passenger Stand 150 100
Exhaust Shield 700 200
Registration Plate 500 NA
Raincoat 600 NA
Microfiber Cloth 50 NA
5L Dry Bag 450 NA
Helmet 1500 NA
Helmet Visor 550 NA
Helmet Fastening Clip 100 NA
Key Card 250 NA
First Aid Kit 350 NA
Phone Mount 250 NA
ORCR Papers 450 NA
Bike Name Sticker 275 NA
Bungee Cord 150 NA
Bottle Holder 150 NA
Surf Rack Rewelding 500 NA
Surf Rack Repadding 150 NA
Call Out Charge (per KM) 15 NA
Out Of Service Charge (per Day) 500 NA